ICT Projects and Programmes Assurance Framework

The ICT Projects and Programmes Assurance Framework describes the interim processes and requirements for the provision of enhanced assurance for high and moderate risk/value ICT-enabled projects and programmes.

The objectives of the Framework are to:

  • Provide a system-wide view of ICT risks.
  • Provide stakeholders with confidence that ICT-enabled projects and programmes within State Services are effectively managed to deliver expected outcomes.
  • Improve system-wide ICT risk management and assurance through lifting capability.


The below diagram sets out the ICT projects and programmes assurance approach. Each element is described in more detail in the ICT Projects and Programmes Framework document.

Starting point is the Risk Profile Assessment


All-of-Government ICT Projects and Programmes Assurance Framework [751 kB PDF]

This Framework is mandatory for Public Service Departments, Non-public Service Departments and certain Crown Entities. Agencies in the wider State Services are welcome to use them for guidance.

If you have any queries about these documents, please contact ICTassurance@dia.govt.nz


Page last updated: 31/08/2015