Web Services Panel (WSP)

The Web Services Panel (WSP) provides a range of professional services for agencies' website development.

The WSP makes procurement easy as the panel can be engaged quickly and without primary procurement processes, allowing agencies to save time and money.

The services provided in these categories are in addition to the Common Web Platform (CWP).

You can use the WSP and CWP independently of each other.

WSP is opt-in for all eligible agencies.
Status Operational

Agency Contact

Department of Internal Affairs Kayleigh Shepherd All of Government ICT Capability Manager WebServicesPanel@dia.govt.nz

Service Description

The Web Services Panel is an all-of-government approved panel for developing websites and applications. It replaces and enhances the previous Common Web Services Panel.

The panel has 11 categories:

  • Information architecture
  • Content design
  • User insight
  • Analytics and search engine optimisation
  • Application testing
  • Visual design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Native application development
  • Website accessibility assessment
  • Ongoing support


The Department of Internal Affairs has contracted 81 vendors to provide services within 11 categories to government agencies. Vendors may provide services for multiple categories. 

Agencies need to contact us, as the Lead Agency, so they can adopt the services of the WSP. The agreement with us (Lead Agency Agreement) permits eligible agencies to enter into subscription agreements (SA) with any of the vendors in order to purchase the services described in the agreement.

To take advantage of the all-of-government contract, agencies may only use the vendor for the services they have been contracted for. If an agency wants to use a vendor for other work, they must conduct a separate purchasing and contracting process.

Agencies using other vendors for the services will not be required to change vendors but will not be able to access the advantages of the WSP all-of-government service.

A full list of these vendors with their detailed service offerings will soon be available on the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment's Open Panel Directory.


The WSP is an open panel, which allows suppliers to join or expand the set of services they provide agencies, to capture demand from government and innovation from the market.

By using the WSP, agencies no longer have to tender for their outsourced web projects, saving time and money. This allows them to focus on delivering the best online service for customers.

Specific benefits

  • Reduces the cost and duration of web service development by simplifying requirements gathering, speeding up procurement and reducing the time spent on development
  • Reduces website management costs across government by leveraging economies of scale and reducing duplicate investment in compliance
  • Reduces legal costs in establishing contracts because the WSP ICT Common Capability Contract procurement uses Statements of Work
  • Makes it easier and cheaper to comply with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Mandatory Rules for Procurement by Departments
  • Reduces unnecessary investment by encouraging agencies to reuse technology and designs already developed by other agencies.

Lead Agency

Department of Internal Affairs

Adopting the service

Agencies wanting to take up the Web Services Panel do not need to undertake a full procurement process. As the lead agency, we have procured the suppliers on behalf of all agencies and have signed a Lead Agency Agreement with all the panel vendors.

The main task for an agency is to sign up and select a vendor from the panel that meets their business needs.

1. Apply

Contact the WSP product manager for a copy of the Confidentiality Agreement. Sign and return this to us.

2. Choose a supplier

We will contact you to confirm we have received your signed Confidentiality Agreement. We will also email you a copy of the Web Service Panel Service Catalogue and pricing so you can choose a supplier.

3. Sign

  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with DIA.
  • Sign a Subscription Agreement (SA) with your preferred supplier from the Web Services Panel. 

4. Agree

Agree your Statement of Work (SoW) or Order for Ongoing Technical Support (OOTS) with your chosen supplier.

Lead Agency Agreement summary

  • Open Supplier Panel
  • ICT Common Capabilities
  • Ongoing contract

Supplier Information

A full list of these vendors with their detailed service offerings will soon be available on the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment's Open Panel Directory. 

Abletech Limited

AccEase Limited

Alphero Limited

Assurity Consulting Limited

Base Two Design

Big On Writing

Blind Foundation

Boost Limited

Capiche Limited

Catalyst.NET Limited
(trading as Catalyst)

Chrometoaster New Media Ltd

Cigniti Technologies Pty Ltd

Click Suite

Contented Enterprises Ltd

Covalense Technologies Pty Ltd

Datacom Systems (Wellington) Limited

Davanti Consulting Limited

Dave Clark Design Associates Limited

Deloitte Digital

Designworks NZ Limited

Deviate Limited

DNA Designed Communications Limited

e-Gov Watch Limited

Empathy Limited

Enlighten Designs Ltd

Equinox IT Limited

Experience Networks Limited

FishServe Innovations New Zealand
(trading as FINNZ)


Haunt Digital Limited

Heyday Limited

Enterprise Services NZ
(formerly Hewlett-Packard)

iDesign Media


Insight Creative Limited

IntegrationQA Limited

Intergen Limited

Kernl Digital Limited

Little Giant Limited

Lushai Limited

MEA Limited

Media Suite Limited

NV Interactive Limited

Ocean Design Limited

Ocular Limited

Osynlig Limited

Pattern Limited

Phosphor Limited

Pikselin Limited

Pixel Fusion Limited

Planit Limited

Prefer Limited

Provoke Limited


Qual IT Limited

Ackama Limited - Formerly Rabid Limited

Samdog Limited

Signify Limited

Silverstripe Limited

Sixtyproof Limited


Somar Web Design and Development Ltd
(trading as Somar Design Studios)

Sparks Interactive

Spire Digital


Squiz Limited

Studio Thick



Testing Consultancy









Wolf Interactive

Write Limited