Retrieval Service

The Retrieval Service allows authorised government agencies to electronically submit identity information for matching against official databases. Responses can return additional information (as requested) as an exact match or multiple partial-match records.

Status Operational

Agency Contact

The Department of Internal Affairs Rob Howard Senior Data Services Advisor +64 4 382 3588

Service Description

The Retrieval Service is an identity enquiry system. An agency will input some basic identity information about an individual (name, DoB) and the service will return additional information about the individual or possible like matches, from multiple sources (currently Passports, Births & Citizenship).

Inputs and responses are configurable and set-up at an agreement level from the asserting agency to the receiving agency (agencies or sector).

Enquiries can be made in real-time. Exact matches or partial matches are returned. Batch enquires can be made, most likely as an initial process to clean data.

The diagram below illustrates how the service is designed to work:

Graphic of how the Retrieval Service works

How the service operates for each individual agency is configurable, defined through a process of discovery and consultation, to establish business needs and outcomes which feed into how the technical agreement is set up.



Agencies integrate to the service via an Oracle B2B gateway using encrypted AS2 messaging.

Enabling legislation or an Approved Information Sharing Agreement is required to use the Retrieval Service.


Key benefits include:

  • Reduced risk - identity crime can be combatted more effectively by leveraging off different agencies identity information to establish or confirm an individual’s identity from a central source.
  • Reduced overall business costs - reduced reliance on expensive manual checking processes and adoption of a more reliable and robust common ICT capability.
  • Improved data quality and business services - identity information is matched against the authoritative source.



The Retrieval Service is delivered via a flexible Data Access Platform.

Investigation into the integration of further data sources, including photos, is underway.

Lead Agency

Department of Internal Affairs

Adopting the service

Agencies wishing to use the Retrieval Service should contact in the first instance to discuss requirements.

Enabling legislation or an Approved Information Sharing Agreement is required to use the Retrieval Service.

Lead Agency Agreement summary

  • Managed Service