RealMe Verified Account Service


RealMe® verified account lets customers easily and securely prove their identity online plus access other online services with a single username and password.
With RealMe, agencies can easily expand online services and gain efficiencies by removing in-person, manual or business-to-business checks of identity details.

RealMe Verified Account Service is mandated for all eligible government agencies.
Status Operational

Agency Contact

Department of Internal Affairs John Keene Business Development Manager +64 4 382 3464

Service Description

A RealMe verified account goes further than a simple login. It allows agencies to develop more online services by giving them security in their digital transactions with the public.

To set up a verified account, customers need to fill out a form and have their photo taken at any New Zealand Post Shop. Once the account is activated, customers login to RealMe and have the option to share their identity with any agency. The customer’s identity data is securely stored by the existing, official organisation and RealMe sends an instant request to this organisation asking it to share the customer’s identity data with the requesting agency.

RealMe never stores the information shared. It simply acts as a gatekeeper. Agencies immediately know who the customer is, with the minimum of information being provided, and can get on with providing a service. 

RealMe Verified Service process

Agencies setting up a  RealMe verified account service will have a different transition process than ones only setting up the login service. Please contact the RealMe team to discuss this.

 For further information on the RealMe verified account service:


RealMe is the result of a government backed partnering arrangement between The Department of Internal Affairs and New Zealand Post Ltd. Datacom is contracted to provide and support the technical solution.

The Department of Internal Affairs manages RealMe and provides integration support and collateral to assist agencies to implement the RealMe login service.  A flowchart showing the transition process is attached below in the additional information section.


The RealMe verification account service allows organisations to reuse a secure, privacy-protective and standards-compliant authentication and verification service that is supported around the clock 365 days a year. It is a single-fee service so agencies only pay for the customers who use it.


  • Improves user experiences by allowing identity verification online and eliminating the need for personal appointments
  • Improves user experience by allowing the public to choose how they engage with government and maintain control of their personal information
  • Reduces transactions costs for services requiring identity verification
  • Reduces identity crime by ensuring best practice online user authentication, verifying individual’s identities and linking individual’s information to their identity
  • Enables new and more innovative online services to meet customer demand
  • Enhances the reputation and trust of government agencies by using trusted and secure government data sources without the need to consolidate data in one place
  • Enables joint and integrated service delivery across government: RealMe underpins moving government services to digital channels, enabling the redesign and simplification of agencies’ systems and processes.
  • Reduces the cost of implementing and running standards-compliant online services by providing a common capability for all of government
  • Eliminates customer waiting time as the technology works instantly and automatically over the internet


Please contact the RealMe engagement team for information on the RealMe login service product roadmap -

Lead Agency

The Department of Internal Affairs

Parent Programme

RealMe Programme

Adopting the service

Agencies wanting to use RealMe must first contact the RealMe Business Development Manager who will talk them through the adoption process.

RealMe requires A SAML 2.0 product, the international standard that powers the messaging between the RealMe service and service and security certificates to ensure the services are secure. The Department of Internal Affairs supply a vendors list for this capability if needed.

Internal Affairs provides support and advisory services to assist the selection of the best integration approach to fit business needs, including an identity related risk assessment service in line with the Evidence of Identity Standard.

The initiating document is the Project Charter which establishes the integration project. The RealMe General & Key Terms or an Additional Services Letter need to be signed prior to the service going live. The agency is responsible for transitioning the service.

Lead Agency Agreement summary

  • Managed Service

Lead Agency Agreement details

RealMe was developed by The Department of Internal Affairs and New Zealand Post. Datacom provide the technical solution and technical support while Internal Affairs markets to and supports agencies to implement the service.

Supplier Information

The Department of Internal Affairs provides the service and support to government agencies and corporates.

Please contact: John Keene, Business Development Manager

+64 4 382 3464 or  

Agencies using the service

For a list of agencies using the RealMe visit the official RealMe website 

Additional service information