One.govt provides a fully managed suite of telecommunication network and security services, suitable for all agencies regardless of scale.

One.govt was launched in 2009 and is mandated for all Public Service and non-Public Service departments as well as ACC, EQC, HNZC, NZTA, NZTE, NZQA, TEC and the 20 DHBs. Other agencies can opt-in at any time. The services provided under one.govt are now provided through the TaaS panel. The mandate will be relaxed for any of these agencies taking up Telecommunications as a Service (TaaS).
Status Operational

Agency Contact

Department of Internal Affairs Sandeep Dalvi One.govt Product Manager +64 4 462 0138

Service Description

One.govt provides a fully managed suite of telecommunication network and security services that include:

  • WAN services of various bandwidths (with encryption as required)
  • high speed internet services with international bandwidth pooled to the benefit of all agencies.
  • A voice gateway using SIP trunking to reduce telephony costs and provide free inter-agency calling
  • fully managed cloud-based email and web protection
  • Secure Encrypted Email (SEEMail) gateway service available onsite or hosted.


Dimension Data New Zealand is contracted to provide One.govt for all-of-government. Dimension Data manages the telecommunications services using FX Networks as their main network partner. Email & Web protection services are managed with cloud services provided by McAfee.


Agencies can adopt One.govt services without going through procurement processes saving time and money.  All services are also available as fully managed, freeing up agencies from having to manage their own network and security services.

Other benefits include:

  • bandwidths are guaranteed
  • high speed internet services with international bandwidths pooled to the benefit of agencies
  • voice gateway that reduces telephony costs and provides free interagency calling.

Lead Agency

The Department of Internal Affairs

Adopting the service

Agencies wanting to take up One.govt do not need to undertake a full procurement process. The lead agency has procured the product on behalf of all agencies and has signed a Lead Agency Agreement with the vendor.

 Agencies can take advantage of the work done by the Lead Agency by contacting the product manager and following the process below.

  1. Sign a standard confidentiality agreement so the vendor catalogue can be released
  2. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Internal Affairs as Lead Agency. This MoU sets out each party’s rights and obligations.
  3. Sign a Participating Agency Agreement (PAA) with the supplier
  4. Once the MoU and the PAA are agreed the supplier will transition the service

The One.govt Participating Agency Agreement along with the One.govt service levels and terms and conditions, as agreed in the Lead Agency Agreement with Internal Affairs, constitutes the contract to deliver One.govt services to agencies.

Lead Agency Agreement summary

  • Closed Supplier Panel
  • Syndicated
  • Initial ten-year agreement, signed in 2009, with one two-year op

Lead Agency Agreement details

Department of Internal Affairs, as Lead Agency, has entered into a Syndicated Agreement with Dimension Data for One.govt services.

The Syndicated Agreement enables eligible agencies to subscribe to the service via a Participating Agency Agreement.

DIA and each Participating Agency enter into a Memorandum of Understanding that sets out each party’s rights and obligations in relation to the Lead Agency's role and Participating Agencies' participation in the collaborative arrangements.

Supplier Information

Standard WAN Services, Secure WAN Services, Inter-Agency Connectivity Services, Internet Services, Email Protection Services, Web Protection Services, SEEMail Gateway Services, Voice Gateway Services

Contract Began September 2009


Agencies using the service

  • Accident Compensation Corporation
  • Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
  • Commerce Commission
  • Crown Law Office
  • Department of Internal Affairs
  • Department of Conservation
  • Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Electricity Authority
  • Education New Zealand
  • Education Review Office
  • Environmental Protection Authority
  • Fairway Resolution Ltd
  • GCSB
  • Genesis Power Ltd
  • Health Share Ltd
  • Health Quality and Safety Commission
  • Housing New Zealand Corporation
  • Inland Revenue
  • Landcorp Farming Ltd
  • Land Information New Zealand
  • Maritime NZ
  • Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited
  • Ministry for the Environment
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry for Primary Industries
  • Ministry of PacificIsland Affairs
  • Ministry of Social Development
  • New Zealand Lotteries Commission
  • New Zealand Police
  • New Zealand Qualification Agency
  • New Zealand Transport Authority
  • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
  • Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
  • Parliamentary Service
  • Parliamentary Counsel Office
  • Public Trust
  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  • Sport New Zealand
  • Te Temu Paeroa (New Maori Trustees)
  • Tertiary Education Commission
  • Transpower New Zealand Ltd
  • Treasury
  • Waikato DHB