IT Managed Services (ITMS)

IT Managed Services provides technology support, service delivery management and service aggregation for an agency’s ICT requirements, including the integration of third party ICT services within a common service delivery framework. ITMS is designed to align ICT services with business outcomes and introduce consistency in the way services are delivered, measured and managed.

Agencies have the ability to tailor ITMS services according to their needs.

ITMS is opt-in for all eligible agencies.
Status Operational

Agency Contact

The Department of Internal Affairs Dave Jackman Manager AoG ICT Common Capability +64 21 307 806

Service Description

ITMS provides service delivery management and/or service aggregation plus one or more of the following nine ICT service categories:

  • service desk
  • user device support
  • server support
  • storage and archiving
  • database management
  • application management
  • network management
  • procurement
  • professional services

 With ITMS the provider acts as an agency’s operations manager, ensuring ICT services are delivered to agreed service levels and standards.

 Agencies have the flexibility to choose the services they wish to use with the ability to integrate cross-government common capabilities and specialist third party services.


Three service providers are contracted to provide IT Managed Services to government agencies – Datacom, Fujitsu and Gen-i. Each service provider allocates service delivery personnel and support teams to meet an agency’s ITMS requirements. The size and span of the teams will depend on an agency’s requirements and ICT complexity.

Most ITMS services are priced on a per unit per month basis, however a number of services are one-off in nature or provided on a retainer basis. Such services are charged on a time and materials basis or for an agreed fee, specified in statements of work.


ITMS provides a consistent framework for the provision of ICT services, with the service provider taking responsibility for delivering end-to-end ICT services. ITMS supports a multi-vendor environment, integrating specialist technology providers into a common service framework.

With ITMS an agency has the flexibility to pick and mix services, service options and levels of delivery to suit their requirements, and integrate non-standard requirements to meet specific business needs. ITMS is designed to assist agencies in planning future roadmaps, increasing the maturity of IT services and aligning IT services to business outcomes.


The ITMS scope of services is currently under review, with two changes planned:

  • The development of ITMS Lite, designed to suit the needs of smaller agencies
  • Service catalogue updates to improve the integration and adoption of common capabilities.

The ITMS agreement includes the ability to add future services as required by agencies. 

The ITMS service is supported by a user group. Service improvements, enhancements and product roadmaps will be identified and implemented with input from the user group and panel providers.

Lead Agency

The Department of Internal Affairs

Adopting the service

Agencies wanting to take up ITMS do not need to undertake a full procurement process. The lead agency has procured the product on behalf of all agencies and has signed a Lead Agency Agreement with all the panel vendors. The main task for an agency is solution refinement and selecting a vendor from the panel that meets business needs.

Agencies can take advantage of the work done by the Lead Agency by contacting the product manager and following the process below. 

  1. Sign a standard confidentiality agreement so all vendor catalogues can be released
  2. Select a vendor based on business needs. The agency is expected to undertake workshops with short-listed providers plus request a formal response to their requirements
  3. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Internal Affairs as Lead Agency. This MoU sets out each party’s rights and obligations.
  4. Sign an ITMS Service Agreement with the preferred supplier
  5. Once the MoU and the ITMS Service Agreement are completed the supplier will transition the service

The ITMS Service Agreement along with the ITMS service levels and terms and conditions, as agreed in the Lead Agency Agreement with Internal Affairs, constitutes the contract to deliver ITMS services to agencies.

Internal Affairs undertakes security certification activities at the establishment of each service provider’s offering and via an on-going review cycle. There may be instances where an agency may need additional security certification and accreditation of agency-specific integrations or custom configurations.

Lead Agency Agreement summary

  • Closed Supplier Panel
  • Syndicated
  • Initial four-year contract, beginning in 2012, with one three-ye

Lead Agency Agreement details

The Ministry for Primary Industries lead the initial procurement of ITMS. The Department of Internal Affairs now manages the Master Syndicated Agreement (MSA) as part of a group of cross-government ICT Common Capabilities. The Master Syndicated Agreement for the purchase of IT Managed Services has been agreed with three service providers - Datacom, Fujitsu and Gen-i. The initial contract term is four years, with an additional right of renewal of three years.

The MSA enables eligible agencies to contract for ITMS via an ITMS Service Agreement. The combination of the ITMS Service Agreement and MSA forms the Participating Agency Agreement with the service provider.

Supplier Information

Provides the full scope of ITMS services

Steve Swallow Senior General Manager +64 4 463-7362

Provides the full scope of ITMS services

David Hook Sales Director +64 9 967-8371

Provides the full scope of ITMS services

Ron Kerr Portfolio Manager, Government +64 21 422327

Agencies using the service

Five central government agencies have signed up to ITMS, with one agency consuming ITMS services since October 2012. They are:

  • Department of Conservation
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry for Primary Industries
  • NZ Police