Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a provider hosted and managed end-to-end desktop service with options that accommodate virtual and traditional desktops and a variety of service and management models. DaaS is provided as-a-service which means agencies have the flexibility to ramp-up or scale-back use and costs as required. Up-front costs are limited to service transition activities.

DaaS is opt-in for all eligible agencies
Possible future mandate for Public Service and non-Public Service departments.
Status Operational

Agency Contact

The Department of Internal Affairs Dave Jackman Manager AoG ICT Common Capability +64 21 307 806

Service Description

Desktop as a Service is a provider hosted and managed end-to-end desktop service priced on an as-a-service basis. The core service includes:

  • desktop application packaging, patching, upgrade and distribution
  • desktop standard operating environment (SOE) development, patching, maintenance and upgrade
  • virtual desktop infrastructure, provisioning and management
  • traditional desktop provisioning and management
  • application virtualisation toolset
  • desktop device procurement and installation
  • desktop device management and support
  • onsite desk-side support
  • professional services for DaaS transition and upgrades.

Additional service options are also available, including:

  • leasing or purchasing desktop hardware, using the All-of-Government Desktop/Laptop Agreement
  • desktop device lifecycle management and break-fix support
  • level 2 end-user desktop support
  • enhanced disaster recovery services
  • re-purposing of existing desktop equipment to operate within the DaaS environment
  • software licence compliance management
  • two-factor authentication for remote access
  • anti-malware services.

Agencies have the flexibility to pick and choose from these service options to change the way of delivering desktops. 


Four service providers are contracted to supply DaaS to government agencies - Datacom, Dimension Data, Fujitsu and Telecom. Each vendor provides DaaS based on different technologies. See Supplier Information for further information.

All vendors provide DaaS core services on an as-a-service basis, with any up-front costs limited to service transition activities. Most services and options are charged on a monthly basis, linked to the volume of consumption.

Agencies have the flexibility to increase or reduce consumption as required.

The service is designed to be integrated with an agency’s existing IT infrastructure, and can be incorporated within an agency’s existing service model.

The DaaS infrastructure is housed and delivered from within existing government-sanctioned data centres, also used for Infrastructure as-a-Service.


DaaS removes the need for agencies to operate or maintain their own desktop IT infrastructure and provides agencies with a number of other long-term and short-term benefits:

  • Mobilise the workforce: application and desktop virtualisation supports “anywhere, anytime, any device” desktop computing.
  • Meet business and user demand for new devices and applications: standardises the process of packaging and delivering applications so an agency can more easily test new desktop applications and devices getting them to staff faster.
  • Reduce the cost of change: sophisticated management and software delivery tools simplify the process of implementing change and reduce the cost of patching, maintaining and upgrading desktop devices, operating systems and applications.
  • Improve resilience of your desktop environment: delivered from within a secure government-sanctioned data centre, management tools and virtual desktop infrastructure designed for security and resilience, value-add disaster recovery options to support business requirements for high availability.
  • Lower long-term desktop costs: Agencies using DaaS can expect to significantly reduce the time they spend on patching applications and operating systems, handling desktop support issues, managing desktop and application requests, providing remote access services, or implementing business continuity options. Agencies will be able to implement lower-cost devices (e.g. tablet and zero-client thin terminals) to reduce their equipment costs.


DaaS is in the early stages of production delivery and future roadmaps are being defined.

DaaS will be governed by a steering committee and supported by a user group. Service improvements, enhancements and product roadmaps will be identified and implemented via the DaaS governance processes.

Lead Agency

The Department of Internal Affairs

Adopting the service

Agencies wanting to take up DaaS do not need to undertake a full procurement process. The lead agency has procured the product on behalf of all agencies and has signed a Lead Agency Agreement with all the panel vendors. The main task for an agency is solution refinement and selecting a vendor from the panel that meets business needs.

Agencies can take advantage of the work done by the Lead Agency by contacting the product manager and following the process below. 

  1. Sign a standard confidentiality agreement so all vendor catalogues can be released
  2. Select a vendor based on business needs. The Department of Internal Affairs has produced a document that takes agencies through this process and is attached below. This process along with the vendor catalogues is called the Secondary Procurement Process.
  3. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Internal Affairs as Lead Agency. This MoU sets out each party’s rights and obligations.
  4. Sign a DaaS Subscription Form with the preferred supplier
  5. Once the MoU and the DaaS Subscription Form are agreed the supplier will transition the service

The DaaS Subscription Form along with the DaaS service levels and terms and conditions, as agreed in the Lead Agency Agreement with Internal Affairs, constitutes the contract to deliver DaaS services to agencies.

Internal Affairs undertakes security certification activities at the establishment of each service provider’s offering and via an on-going review cycle. There may be instances where an agency may need additional security certification and accreditation of agency-specific integrations or custom configurations.

Lead Agency Agreement summary

  • Closed Supplier Panel
  • ICT Common Capabilities
  • Initial four-year contract, beginning October 2013, with three

Lead Agency Agreement details

The Department of Internal Affairs as Lead Agency, has entered into a Common Capability ICT Agreement (CC-ICT Agreements) for the purchase of Desktop as a Service services with four service providers- Datacom, Dimension Data, Fujitsu and Telecom. The initial contract term is four years, with three two-year renewals.

The CC-ICT Agreement enables Authorised Parties (eligible agencies or authorised third-party suppliers supplying services to eligible agencies) to subscribe to the DaaS services via a DaaS Subscription Form.

Internal Affairs and each Authorised Party enter into a Memorandum of Understanding that sets out each party’s rights and obligations in relation to the Lead Agency's lead role and Authorised Parties' participation in the collaborative arrangements.

An Authorised Party that has entered into an MOU and is a party or intends to become a party to a DaaS Subscription Form is referred to as the Subscribing Party.

Supplier Information

Datacom provides the full scope of DaaS services using Citrix and VMware solutions and Microsoft management tools.

Contract Began October 2013

Steve Swallow Senior General Manager +64 4 463-7362 DDI 68-86 Jervois Quay, Wellington 6141

Dimension Data provides the full scope of DaaS services using a VMware Horizon View solution with Microsoft and Adaptiva management tools.

Contract Began October 2013

Shaun Bell +64 4 470 1774 Level 15, 157 Lambton Quay, Wellington 6011

Fujitsu provides the full scope of DaaS services using a Citrix-based solution with Microsoft and AppSense management tools.

Contract Began October 2013

Dave Brabham Product Sales Solution Specialist 021 323 029

Spark provides the full scope of DaaS services using two solutions:
• VMware Horizon View-based solution with Dell KACE management tools (from its Revera division)
• Citrix-based solution with Microsoft management tools (from its Spark Digital division)

Contract Began October 2013

Rebecca Laracy Business Manager Government +64 4 382-5826 / +64 27 253-1740 Mobile Spark, 42-52 Willis St, Wellington 6011

Agencies using the service

The service was announced in November 2013.

As of February 2015 14 agencies have signed DaaS subscription agreements with vendors and 54 agencies in total have expressed interest, with 18 agencies committed to join within the next three years. Eight agencies have DaaS services in operation. Over 3,000 personnel currently make use of DaaS-delivered virtual and traditional desktops.

Up-to-date usage information is available on request from the DaaS Product Manager.

Additional service information