Implementing the cloud plan

Accelerated adoption of cloud services will require agencies to change their ICT skills, processes, technologies and funding models. This is where you’ll find guidance on some of the changes that agencies need to make. A briefing note that summaries our framework for managing shadow cloud is available

ICT operating models

Guidance will be developed for ICT operating models including policies, frameworks, ICT workforce skills, and architectures.

Funding models

Some agencies may require significant investment to support the systematic adoption of public cloud services.  Guidance will be developed on the funding models that can be used by agencies to support their transition to an ICT environment that is a hybrid of legacy IT systems and outsourced services.

Managing shadow cloud

Guidance will be developed to help manage the risks created by the use of cloud services without the involvement of the CIO function (sometimes referred to as ‘shadow cloud’).

Page last updated: 18/12/2017