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  1. Ministerial press release: Guidelines unlock govt software for innovation
  2. Loomio discussion: NZGOAL Software Extension
  3. Case study: NZGOAL Software Extension consultation process
  4. Consultation archive and analytics report | data pack


UPDATE: We have opened online discussions on Loomio for additional guidance notes to accompany NZGOAL Software Extension.
Your input matters, if you have an interest in open source in government we invite you to contribute. We'll be collating and drafting these guidance notes throughout October-November 2016.

NZGOAL Software Extension Policy

Version 1

July 2016

ISBN 978-0-478-10773-9 (PDF version)

ISBN 978-0-478-10772-2 (HTML)

CC BY 4.0 InternationalCrown copyright ©. This copyright work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence. In essence, you are free to copy, distribute and adapt the work, as long as you attribute the work to the New Zealand Government and abide by the other licence terms. To view a copy of this licence, visit Please note that neither the New Zealand Government emblem nor the New Zealand Government logo may be used in any way which infringes any provision of the Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981 or would infringe such provision if the relevant use occurred within New Zealand. Attribution to the New Zealand Government should be in written form and not by reproduction of any emblem or the New Zealand Government logo.

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