NZGOAL Online Training Videos

Have you ever wondered what NZGOAL is and how it applies to you or how it can benefit you?

Do you work for a government agency and want to enable appropriate re-use of your agency’s material by licensing its copyright works or releasing non-copyright material for re-use? Or are you a New Zealander who would like to know more about NZGOAL and how it all works?

This training explains and addresses the questions you may have about NZGOAL, its Policy Principles and its Review and Release Process, the application of appropriate Creative Commons licences and a range of other topics.

It also provides background information about NZGOAL and sets out the differences between versions 1 and 2 of NZGOAL.

Here is the link to the Youtube playlist of 13 training videos on NZGOAL: YouTube Playlist of all 13 videos (no transcripts)

Below are the links to the transcripts of each of the 13 videos:

1. Overview of video sessions Transcript
2. Development of NZGOAL Transcript
3. Quick overview for government agencies Transcript
4 Quick overview of NZGOAL for New Zealanders Transcript
5. Copyright basics, NZGOAL and Creative Commons Transcript
6. Policy principles and review and release process Transcript
7. Applying the licences and no known rights statements Transcript
8. CC0 and CC0 versus CC BY Transcript
9. Open licensing and procuring copyright works Transcript
10. Copyright, licensing and government websites Transcript
11. NZGOAL, Creative Commons and data Transcript
12. NZGOAL and Transcript
13. NZGOAL from version 1 to 2: What’s changed Transcript
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Page last updated: 20/09/2016