NZGOAL (New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing) framework

Wondering how NZGOAL applies to you or how it can benefit you?

Do you work for a government agency and want to enable appropriate re-use of your agency’s material by licensing its copyright works or releasing non-copyright material for re-use? Or are you a New Zealander who would like to know more about NZGOAL and how it all works?

Learn more about NZGOAL here.

What is NZGOAL?

NZGOAL is guidance for agencies to follow when releasing copyright works and non-copyright material for re-use by others.

It aims to standardise the licensing of government copyright works for re-use using Creative Commons licences and recommends statements for non-copyright material.

How can I access the NZGOAL framework?

Download a PDF of NZGOAL or read the NZGOAL framework online.

How do I learn more?

Here’s a quick guide for users

Check out our online training video series which explains and addresses the questions you may have about NZGOAL including the application of appropriate Creative Commons licenses:

Watch the NZGOAL online training videos here

Help! I still need more information

The series of guidance notes will give you practical assistance to apply NZGOAL. The notes cover website copyright statements, file formats, procuring copyright works, and databases and datasets.

Access the guidance notes here

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Page last updated: 22/12/2015