2012 report on adoption of the Declaration

The 2012 Report on Adoption of the Declaration on Open and Transparent Government was released on 18 June 2012 by Colin MacDonald, Chair, Data and Information Re-use Chief Executives Steering Group following Cabinet approval [See the Cabinet Paper and SEC Min (12) 7/7].

Key findings are that businesses are starting to re-use government public data innovatively by creating new smartphone applications, mashing up open government data from multiple departments and the private sector and using open data web services to reduce cost and processing. They are also partnering with government to host and deliver government data.

Government departments and businesses are also working in new ways to share data, for example, the land zone and technical category data released publicly by CERA to assist with the Canterbury earthquake recovery.

All government departments are moving to incorporate the Declaration into their core business. All have assigned senior staff to lead this work and none reported insurmountable barriers to adopting the Declaration.

The aggregated spreadsheets below (in csv format) provide the raw data from the departmental returns. These first reports set a benchmark for subsequent annual reports on progress.


Wellington: New Zealand Open Government Data and Information Programme Secretariat, June 2012 ISSN 2253-4369 (online)


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