Set the strategic context for your proposed initiative

Consider developing your strategy document within the context of the wider environment and its potential stakeholders.

Wider government context

  • Clearly present your agency’s contribution to government outcomes, particularly Better Public Services’ results 9 and 10.
  • Clearly articulate your contribution to outcomes, focus areas, and opportunities that are identified in, and aligned to the Government ICT Strategy and the integrated work programme of the Government Chief Information Officer's Partnership Framework.

Sector contribution

  • Describe your agency’s contribution and alignment to any agreed sector outcomes and outputs, including ICT-enabled cross agency initiatives. Are there opportunities for sector or cluster investment?
  • Outline your agency’s plan to develop, advance, and consume shared capabilities by partnering with other agencies.

Your customers

  • Identify your customers and their needs. Recognise the role that ICT has to drive and enable service delivery and/or customer products. This relates both to your agency’s:
    • internal customers e.g. staff and SLT
    • external customers e.g. citizens, businesses, specific business or population groups.

Identify customer pain points and your proposed ICT interventions. For proposed ICT initiatives and operations, you may find customer segmentation models useful to define groups, for example, agency staff, agency stakeholders, a group of citizens or businesses.

Your agency

  • Outline the clear drivers for change – such as business, technology, industry, New Zealand economy, legislation. Provide a narrative around the clear line of sight to strategic objectives in business plans, e.g. four year and long term investment plans.
  • Outline how ICT fits within your agency’s design and service structure. For example, how does ICT contribute to each business group’s requirements? (Consider the outcomes and outputs listed in your agency’s business unit plans, where appropriate.)
  • Detail or illustrate governance arrangements for ICT investments, information management, programmes, projects, and standards.
  • Differentiate between enterprise ICT and business ICT in your planning, investment and delivery. There needs to be clear articulation of how you intend to address problems and separate strategic and operational decision-making responsibilities.
  • Describe or illustrate the ICT unit’s understanding of your agency’s future business state and the services, systems, and structures needed to support it. Consider capacity, capability, and transition processes for new ICT operating models, and so on.
Page last updated: 30/03/2016