Alignment to your agency’s strategic direction

Develop your document within the context of other related strategies, such as those listed below.

Digital strategies

  • Take account of any digital or mobile strategies in place to support transformation of digital service delivery.

Finance and portfolio strategies

  • Refer to any high-level estimates of change projects and programmes your agency intends to undertake over the term of the strategy. Outline the benefits and value of these initiatives. Ideally, these should already be in your four year and long term investment plans and supported by a business case that sets out the funding requirements. Describe the range of options considered and an assessment against business objectives.
  • Create a four-year timeline of your ICT investment portfolio showing government ICT common capability uptake, asset refreshes, ICT-enabled projects and programmes. Clearly differentiate between capital spending (‘capex’) and ongoing operational funding (‘opex’).
  • Clearly identify ICT investments that are dependent on approval and funded by future investments. This information will need to be updated periodically after decisions in the yearly financial budget process.

Information management strategies

  • Ensure there is clear alignment with your agency’s information management strategy. Think beyond technology to consider standards, data governance, and an approach to manage information assets. Provide clarity about the Chief Information Officer’s accountabilities for both information and technology.

Workforce and capability planning

  • Align any information, technology and digital capability and workforce with your agency’s business plans and ICT strategy.
  • Identify current skills and future needs based on business direction.
  • Consider people, process and system capability.

Sourcing and managing suppliers

  • Align with your sourcing and supplier management capabilities, including the all-of-government direction represented in the Strategic Supplier Relationship Model. Include clear information about:
    • sourcing principles and rationale
    • your approach to managing your agency’s ICT demand
    • evidence of adoption and co-creation of common or shared capabilities, as applicable.
Page last updated: 30/03/2016