Popularity of cross-government secure network service exceeds expectations

one.govt (Open Network Environment) is a syndicated procurement contract that offers a secure IT network used by government agencies to collaborate and share information.

It is a comprehensive suite of WAN and Internet services available to government agencies.

When the one.govt service went live in July 2009, projections were for approximately 280 connections in its first two years. Twenty-four months later, 25 agencies use the wide area networking, internet and inter agency connectivity service for a total of more than 600 connections. This exceeds initial expectations by almost 120%.

Today, one.govt is a leading government common ICT capability, not just in terms of agency adoption but also in terms of value. Due to the vastly higher-than-anticipated uptake, agencies are enjoying both the commercial and collaborative benefits the contract and the services offer sooner than was expected.

The syndicated agreement means that agencies don’t have to enter into procurement cycles, saving time, resources and money as contract negotiations and management are centralised. This frees agencies up to focus on their individual needs, allowing them to pick exactly what product they want, when they want it. Products can even be evolved to meet an agency’s needs.


For the Ministry of Education, using the service has enabled them to focus resources in other areas. “By using the one.govt service, we no longer have the daily task of updating signatures,” says the Ministry’s CIO, Leanne Gibson. “By taking away the responsibility for administering Email security we have been able to focus our efforts on internal users.”


Customer focused service management, back-up and regular, innovative product development keeps the service growing – with new offerings such as a voice gateway, an all-of-government video conferencing bridge and several security services in the pipeline.


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