GEA-NZ Reference Models

The GEA-NZ Reference Models provide the "why", "how" to use the GEA-NZ Reference Taxonomies. The Reference Models are overviewed in the table below which contains the links to the detailed PDF documents. 




The GEA-NZ Business reference model is a generic representation of the business processes, products and services that deliver the outputs of the organisation.

GEA-NZ v3.2 Business Reference Model pdf - To be added

Data and Information

The purpose of the GEA-NZ Data and Information reference model is to discover, describe, manage, share and reuse information within and across agencies. It describes best practices and artefacts that can be generated from the data architectures.  It also provides a data and information governance framework, and maturity assessment.

GEA-NZ v3.2 Data and Information Reference Model pdf 1.08MB

Application and Software Services

GEA-NZ Application and Software Services describes the business applications, including ‘Software as a Service’, that support the business processes of the enterprise. It includes core business applications, COTS corporate applications and end user computing applications.

GEA-NZ v3.2 Application and Software Services Reference Model pdf - To be added


GEA-NZ Infrastructure describes the technology infrastructures that support the application and business processes of the enterprise. It may include insourced, outsourced or cloud capabilities.

GEA-NZ v3.2 Infrastructure Reference Model pdf - To be added

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