GEA-NZ History

GEA-NZ was developed by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) Government Technology Services in 2010 as a replacement for the New Zealand Federated Enterprise Architecture (NZ FEAF). NZ FEAF was developed by the State Services Commission (SSC) and was not maintained after 2008.  In 2010 repsonsibility for the Government Architecture and the associated staff moved from SSC to DIA.


Pre GEA-NZ the Government Enterprise Architecture was known as NZ FEAF; short for the Federated Enterprise Architecture Framework, which had last been updated in 2008.  This was partially based on the US FEAF v1.0; with significant variation in the business dimension where it has SoNZ (Subjects of New Zealand), and FoNZ (Functions of New Zealand).  The Information dimension had a meta-model but no taxonomy. There was no link to standards, strategy, investment and policy, security and privacy, performance and governance.  There was a separate framework for standards known as e-GIF (short for e-Government Interoperability Framework) and v3.3 of this was also last updated in 2008. 

GEA-NZ v1.0

GEA-NZ v1.0 replaced the NZ FEAF. It addressed the aims of the Directions and Priorities for Government ICT programme; its zones and blocks were oriented towards classifying and describing the infrastructure focused ICT Common Capabilities that were developed within the programme from 2009-2013. It was primarily focused on technology. The eGovernment Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) with the associated standards remained.

GEA-NZ v1.0 was created by Government Technology Services within DIA.

GEA-NZ v2.0

GEA-NZ v2.0 added the concept of Regions to organise the Zones and Blocks. The NZ FEAF Application and Technology reference models were reintroduced to augment the GEA-NZ structure and provide more granular and complete categorisation. This was used to produce the ICT Common Capability Roadmap iteration 1.  Many of these are now AoG Products and Services on The SoNZ and FoNZ from the NZ FEAF were re-introduced to cover the business region.

GEA-NZ v2.0 was created by Government Technology Services within DIA.

GEA-NZ v2.1

The GEA-NZ v2.1 update included the addition of the Common Operating Environment (COE) reference architecture.  This version was used to produce the GEA-NZ Standards Reference v1.0 and v2.0, and the associated GEA-NZ Standards Reference Appendix which replaced the e-GIF standards v3.3.

GEA-NZ v2.1 was created by Government Technology Services within DIA.

GEA-NZ v3.0

The GEA-NZ v3.0 marked a change from primarily a technology focus to an enterprise focus. GEA-NZ v3.0 was aligned to the original Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan 2017 and Better Public Services Results and shifts GEA-NZ "up the stack" to emphasise business architecture and data and information tiers, and to draw out concerns of interoperability, security/privacy and information reuse.  The focus is now on how ICT can enable system transformation across government, not just efficiency and effectiveness. 

The Regions, Zones and Blocks used in GEA-NZ v1.0 through to v2.1 were not carried over. There were now 8 dimensions; 4 core, and 4 governing. 

The 4 core dimensions were:

  • Business
    The business dimension was completely reworked with new sub-dimensions of Customer, Channel, Products and Services, People and Organisation, and Process. The business reference taxonomy was completely redeveloped using external influences such as the Australian Government Architecture v3.0.  
  • Data and Information
  • Applications and ICT Services
    The applications and ICT reference taxonomy was completely revised using the US FEAF v2.0 taxonomies as a start point. 
  • Infrastructure
    The infrastructure reference taxonomy was completely revised using the US FEAF v2.0 taxonomies as a start point.

The 4 governing dimensions were:

  • Strategy and Policy
  • Governance
  • Security and Privacy
  • Standards.

GEA-NZ v3.0 was created by Government Enterprise Architecture within DIA on behalf of the Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO).

GEA-NZ v3.1


GEA-NZ version 3.1 was the current version from May 2016 until May 2017. It includes reference models and taxonomies covering Business, Data and Information, Application and ICT Services, and Infrastructure. 

The GEA-NZ v3.1 Framework was an evolutionary update that included a new Data and Information Taxonomy as well as minor updates to the taxonomies in the other dimensions.  In addition some new GEA-NZ tools such as the Data and Information Governance Maturity assessment toolkit, the Information Discovery Process, and the Information Asset Catalogue template and guidelines were developed.

Page last updated: 08/12/2017