GEA-NZ Context

The GEA-NZ Context document overviews the Government Enterprise Architecture for New Zealand (GEA-NZ), and includes the result of the GEA-NZ v3.2 updates to v3.1.

This document provides a description of the GEA-NZ structure and artefacts. It focuses on describing the motivations for constructing and using the GEA-NZ, such as the directives of the Government of New Zealand, good practices performed in other government administrations and good practices performed in commercial enterprises.

The GEA-NZ context document does not include the reference models or the reference taxonomies.

References to related documents are contained within the artefact sections for each dimension of the architecture. This version of the GEA-NZ framework references a number of artefacts that have yet to be developed or published. They are included for completeness and to ensure a degree of future-proofing of the GEA-NZ library.

This document includes:

  • The purpose of GEA-NZ
  • The changes to the previous version
  • A description of the GEA-NZ structure and its dimensions For each dimension:
    • Description of the GEA-NZ v3.1 reference model
    • Context and relationship towards other GEA-NZ dimensions
    • How to use the reference model
    • Description of the artefacts
    • Other Cross-Cutting Components

The intended audience of this document is (but not limited to):

  • Agencies’ CxOs, and functional leads
  • Agencies’ Enterprise and Solution Architects
  • Business partners involved in development and delivery of business and technology solutions
  • Government Programme Directors and Government Project Managers
  • Business and IT Managers
  • Business and System Analysts
GEA NZ Context
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Page last updated: 08/12/2017