Choose the path forward


One of the decisions that is made during Prepare, is selection of the most appropriate approach to use going forward.


The aim of this stage is to:

  • determine whether Accelerate is appropriate for the project.


Actions which may be carried out during this stage include:

  1. Assess the risk level for the project to identify the optimal approach for delivery.
  2. Hold a meeting between the business owner and the GCIO’s team to identify the suitability of Accelerate for the initiative.


The outputs from this stage include a:

  • documented high level risk assessment for the project
  • decision to proceed using Accelerate, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®), or PRINCE2.

Tools and templates

Tools that may be helpful during this stage include:

These tools and related templates are available on the Accelerate downloads page.


Page last updated: 13/04/2016