How to use this toolkit

Follow the phases, choose your tools

All the Accelerate phases and stages are considered in every project.

However, the effort and formality for each stage needs to reflect the project’s size, complexity and uncertainty.

Effective use of Accelerate relies on the sponsor and project manager using their judgement (with the assistance of an Accelerate navigator) to decide which tools will best benefit the project, and to what depth to complete the stages.

How to start

The Accelerate quick start guide supports project managers and sponsors getting a project underway as soon as possible. It is available on the Accelerate downloads page. This covers:

The quick start guide is intended to be used initially, and then once things are underway in Prepare, the project manager or sponsor needs to refer to the main guide to get more context and more detailed information about Prepare, and the other phases.

Most roles used during Accelerate are described in the glossary. More detailed descriptions of the architecture owner, and product owner are given in Key terms in Accelerate (also in this overview) as they are likely to be less familiar in the Accelerate environment.

Page last updated: 13/04/2016