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Get an agile or Accelerate coach, or a navigator

Using coaches and navigators is strongly recommended in Accelerate.

In Accelerate, a 'coach', including an agile or Accelerate coach, is someone with experience who can mentor less experienced practitioners.

An Accelerate 'navigator' is someone who has been specifically trained to support the sponsor, project manager and other core roles who are using (or deciding whether to use) the Accelerate framework.

Where to find a coach

To find an agile coach, approach the professional services of (in preferred order):

  • the lead agency
  • other participating agencies
  • other stakeholders.

To find an Accelerate coach or navigator:

Collaboration and the business case

How to get buy-in

When multiple agencies are involved in the outcome, it is important to engage the agencies’ representatives in developing the business case. A jointly-created business case that reflects their voice and objectives along with those of the lead agency will be agreed more quickly than one where it is developed in isolation.

The hurdles

Common reactions to the urgency created by deadlines are to:

  • reduce the emphasis on collaboration
  • reduce the scope of the material considered.

These actions:

  • bias the business case towards the lead agency’s concerns
  • weaken the group commitment and endorsement of the investment
  • lengthen the negotiation period for business case approval.

The importance of co-location

Co-location is important in Accelerate. Ideally, the whole team will all be located in the same place – not just the same office, but literally sitting side by side. This may cause some inconvenience, and require management intervention in order to achieve it, but it is worth it.

Why is co-location important?

Having co-located teams:

  • reduces coordination overheads
  • speeds up communication
  • fosters closer working relationships, and creates the opportunity for continuous collaboration
  • enables face-to-face communication
  • ensures progress boards are visible to the whole team
  •  strengthens team spirit
  • increases the immediately available knowledge.

These factors, over the course of a project, can make or break it.

Co-location benefits

The benefits of co-location are:

  • fewer misunderstandings when people talk with each other, compared with phone calls or written communication
  • conversations can occur immediately
  • individuals become a team by being in the same space while working on something together. Also any team issues become clear earlier, and can be resolved earlier.

So co-location means:

  • more shared understanding
  • fewer work blockages
  • becoming more efficient as a team
  • greater information sharing.

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