Accelerate phases

Accelerate is made up of six phases, summarised below.


The purpose of Prepare is to:

  • clearly identify the problem or opportunity
  • engage stakeholders and align the project with their investment objectives
  • identify a sponsor for the change.


The purpose of Discover is to:

  • identify the most valuable customer and stakeholder needs
  • explore the root causes, constraints and critical success factors
  • build a coalition of the willing to support the change
  • create the business case for the investment.


The purpose of Alpha is to:

  • build the product in increments, according to the product roadmap and the release plan created during Discover.


The purpose of Beta is to:

  • release the product to market
  • coordinate the multi-agency release.


The purpose of Live is to:

  • add customers to the customer base
  • add capacity to the platform
  • monitor the performance of the product
  • start benefits realisation activities (benefits owner).


The purpose of Grow is to:

  • progress the product capability based on customer feedback and continuous improvement processes.


Page last updated: 13/04/2016