Elaborate the business case


Prior to beginning to develop the business case, agree the process, and the amount of analytical effort needed, with the stakeholders.

This stage brings together the other stages to create the business case.

To support the business case, an assessment of project risks is undertaken to predict and deal with events that might prevent project outcomes being delivered. All projects should follow the lead agency’s risk management framework.

This stage is the responsibility of the project manager. The work is carried out by a team that includes business case writers, the product owner, architecture owner, service designer and business analysts.

If the investment falls under Treasury's CO 15 threshold, contact the Better Business Case centre in Treasury. Information is available on the Treasury website at Better Business Cases: Guidance (on the A-Z of Treasury Publications under the Publications tab ).


The aim of this stage is to:

  • expand the business case by refining the content, and extending the view to include Alpha, Beta, and Live for the minimum viable product (MVP)
  • update the benefits realisation plan, worksheet, and profile with the information from Discover.


 Actions which may be carried out during this stage include:

  1. Gather input from the earlier aspects of Discover, particularly the product roadmap, business context, solution architecture, and the service blueprint.
  2. Document a high level organisational impact assessment for the participating agencies.
  3. Use the material in the problem trajectory if sufficient, otherwise develop an investment logic map as input to the business case.
  4. Add a summary of the above material to the business case, and create a business case A3 summary.
  5. Document the identified risks.
  6. Update the benefits realisation plan.
  7. Communicate this material with the stakeholders.


The outputs from this stage include:

  • a completed and communicated business case that is supported by the investing agencies
  • a business case A3 summary
  • an initial risk assessment for the project
  • risk register and assessment document
  • benefits realisation plan
  • change impact assessment for the participating agencies.

Tools and templates

Tools that may be helpful during this stage include:

  • investment checklist (Discover)
  • benefits realisation
  • risk management
  • concept brief
  • business case A3 summary
  • commercial case.

These tools and related templates are available on the Accelerate downloads page.


Page last updated: 13/04/2016