Releasing the product


During release planning (in Alpha) the release team adapts the Accelerate approach to match the specific release and change management processes of the participating agency(s).

This stage of Beta is when the release plan is put into action.

A scrum of scrums may be used to synchronise the different release processes and a product release board to visualise the coordinated efforts.


The aim of this stage is to:

  • ensure each release is carried out with effective engagement with the different agencies’ release management processes.


Actions which may be carried out during this stage include:

  1. Determine the agencies’ release management methods and schedules.
  2. Establish contacts for synchronising release actions with other agencies.
  3. Agree integrated release processes with agencies involved in the release, including how releases will be tracked.
  4. Integrate testing with other agencies.
  5. Release the product(s).
  6. Provide early release support.
  7. Complete security testing and accreditation in the integrated environment.


The outputs from this stage include:

  • approved product increments(s) are released
  • every release is recorded in the fixed asset register.

Tools and templates

Tools that may be helpful during this stage include:

  • scrum of scrums
  • product release boards
  • release package board.

These tools and related templates are available on the Accelerate downloads page.

Page last updated: 13/04/2016