Release preparation


During release planning (in Alpha), the release team adapts the Accelerate approach to match the specific release and change management processes of the participating agencies.

Planning for the release starts during product grooming and is done by:

  • release team - project manager, lead solution architect, project change leader, and
  • IT change control and operations teams.


The aim of this stage is to:

  • create an initial description of the release packages
  • plan the release (based on the release packages) while the product is being developed (i.e. during the sprint).



Actions which may be carried out during this stage include:

  1. Create a release candidate using the agreed list of user stories identified for the sprints contributing to a release.
  2. Develop a schedule for:
  • building, testing, and deploying the release into production
  • providing early delivery support
  • providing eventual movement of the release into full operation.


The outputs from this stage include:

  • release candidate
  • release plan.

Tools and templates

Tools that may be helpful during this stage include:

  • product grooming
  • sprint review meeting
  • product release board.

These tools and related templates are available on the Accelerate downloads page.


Page last updated: 13/04/2016