International Leadership

The Digital 5, or D5, is a network of the world’s most advanced digital nations. It has a shared goal of strengthening the digital economy.

The current members are Estonia, Israel, New Zealand, South Korea and the United Kingdom. They meet every year.

The D5 countries have a track record in leading digital government, including designing services around users’ needs and sharing open source solutions with other countries.

As a group, the D5:

  • shares world-class digital practices
  • identifies improvements to digital services
  • collaborates to solve common problems
  • supports and champions the group's growing digital economies.

They are committed to working towards the following principles of digital development:

  • user needs
  • open standards
  • open source
  • open markets
  • open government
  • connectivity
  • teach children to code
  • assisted digital
  • commitment to share and learn.

D5 Charter (PDF 417KB) (external site link)

D5 Charter (HTML)

Digital 5 2018

In February 2018, New Zealand is hosting 3 events as part of the annual D5 meeting:

  • Digital Nations 2030 conference
  • Digital Government Showcase
  • D5 Ministerial Summit

Digital 5 2018

About the D5

Started in 2014

Founding members:

The Department of Internal Affairs leads NZ's work under the D5 (external site link)

Key documents

D5 Charter (PDF 417KB) (external site link)

D5 Charter (HTML)

D5 Busan Declaration (PDF 889KB) (external site link)

D5 Busan Declaration (HTML)

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