Social media guidance

In November 2011, the ICT Strategy Group approved the 'Social Media in Government' guidance. The aim is to encourage best practice social media use by government agencies, provide useful templates and tools for planning, and give an overview of the strengths, weaknesses, benefits and risks of this very important and rapidly growing toolset.

  • High Level Guidance

    Guidance for managers who are trying to decide if their organisation should use social media. Covers basic principles, code of conduct issues, and benefits and risks.

  • Hands-on Toolbox

    Guidance to help practitioners who are setting up social media profiles and using the tools on a daily basis.

  • How to Handle a Mishap

    A guide to help government agencies when responding to a social media mishap. Covers activities to prevent problems, as well as what to do during and after an event.

  • Ministry of Health Case Study

    How the Ministry of Health successfully used Facebook to support breastfeeding mothers.

The High-Level Guidance and the Hands-on Toolbox have been given positive reviews by Gartner Research vice president and analyst Andrea Di Maio, who calls them "the best government social media guidelines so far."

Social media is an evolving area, and this suite of guidance will adapt accordingly as the social media space develops and matures.

If you have further case studies to share with colleagues across government, please get in touch with the Digital Engagement Team at DIA (