Rethink Online

Rethink Online is a new approach to how government invests in and manages its online channels in order to achieve better customer experience, improved value for money and increased strategic agility.

Achieving these outcomes will require government to move from predominantly single agency initiatives and investment toward increased cross-agency approaches to online capability and delivery of online information and services.

Rethink Online consists of four principles and nine interventions designed to address existing fragmentation and inefficiency in online information and service delivery and to support government to meet people’s expectations and its own changing needs.

As Rethink Online forms part of the deployment of the Directions and Priorities for Government ICT, Public Service departments are directed to align their online work programmes with the new approach and State Services agencies are invited to do so. The intent of Rethink Online is not to direct ‘what’ government agencies should do online, which is the responsibility of business owners within agencies, but to guide ‘how’ agencies invest in and manage their online channels.

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